2019 Hospital Authority Convention

When Simulation Embraces Virtual Reality (VR): Examples of Using VR in Medical Simulation Training

Abstract Summary

At the beginning of the presentation, we will discuss the current virtual reality (VR) technology in clinical and biomedical applications. We will demonstrate an example of using VR in medical simulation for type and screen training, which determines both the ABO-Rh of the patient and screens for the presence of the most commonly found unexpected antibodies. It involves a simple draw and a laboratory test of a blood sample. There is a series of steps involving type and screen procedures. However, some medical staff members may overlook certain steps or conduct some steps unsuccessfully, as many of these staff are overloaded and work under high pressure. Therefore, we have developed an integrative solution to provide blood-taking training for medical staff members in a hospital by using the latest VR technology. In the VR training program, medical staff members can navigate and interact without distractions in a safe and calm environment, which is difficult to find in the real world. The VR training program not only provides opportunities for additional medical staff members to practice repeatedly, but also eliminates training time and costs compared with traditional training methods. The project outcome is expected to provide an interesting and effective training to thousands of medical staff members who require training in type and screen in Hong Kong. After the demonstration, we will also introduce the latest developments in mixed reality (MR) and the future development of extended reality (xR). We will explore how the development of artificial intelligence (AI) technology can be integrated with VR in order to extend its application in the biomedical and clinical areas.

2019 HA Convention