Ir. Dr. Tang Shares Insights on VR Technology Applications in Medical Science on RTHK Radio Programme

In an enlightening session on the latest episode of “CIBS節目:創科醫學日誌” on RTHK’s Putonghua Channel AM621, esteemed Ir. Dr. Yuk Ming Tang took to the airwaves to discuss the revolutionary role of Virtual Reality (VR) in modern medicine.

The episode, titled “第十一集 VR技術的應用,” which aired on December 15 from 21:05 to 22:00 HKT, focused on the diverse applications of VR technology in enhancing medical procedures, rehabilitation processes, and potentially extending human lifespan.

During the broadcast, Ir. Dr. Tang shared his expertise on how VR has transcended the boundaries of entertainment and gaming, becoming a pivotal innovation in medical science. He elaborated on its impact, detailing how VR is being used to train medical professionals, simulate complex surgical procedures, and provide immersive rehabilitation experiences for patients.

Listeners of the programme were given an in-depth look at the intersection of technology and healthcare, exploring how robotics, artificial intelligence, apps, and VR are creating a new frontier in medical treatments and patient care.

The episode provided a platform for audiences to increase their understanding of medical technology and its benefits, equipping them with the necessary information to make informed decisions regarding their health needs.

For those who missed the live broadcast or wish to revisit the insightful discussion, the episode is available for online radio revision through the link here.

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Shaping the Future: Dr. YM Tang’s Team Guides High School Students in Developing a Metaverse Virtual Environment

▲ A group photo featuring the Vice President of PolyU, Prof. Ben Young (center), RIVRT’s principle investigator Dr. YM Tang (2nd from the right) and his team member Mr. Hadyn Ng (right).

Junior Researchers Shine at PolyU’s Mentoring Programme

The Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) has once again demonstrated its commitment to fostering innovation and creativity in the next generation. Led by Dr. Yuk Ming Tang, a team of mentors has guided two students in an exciting journey into the metaverse as part of the 2023 “Junior Researcher Mentoring Programme” (JRMP).

Embarking on a Metaverse Adventure

Two Form 6 students, Sarah Zeng from Christian and Missionary Alliance Sun Kei Secondary School and Vanessa Chan from Diocesan Girls’ School, embarked on a research project titled “Development of a Metaverse Virtual Environment”. Under the mentorship of Dr. YM Tang and Mr. Hadyn Ng, the students explored the intriguing concept of the metaverse and its vast potential for development.

Mr. Hadyn Ng, Sarah Zeng, Vanessa Chan, Dr. YM Tang (from Left to Right)

Creating a Virtual World

The students, with guidance from Dr. Tang’s team, were tasked with creating an interactive metaverse environment, complete with avatars and virtual characters for user interaction. The project aimed to go beyond mere entertainment, incorporating game elements into applications that promote healthy physical activity.

The endeavor required the students to apply their 3D modeling skills and game design sensibilities, and they rose to the challenge, successfully creating a back-to-school game within the metaverse environment.

The game avatar designed using the metaverse platform
Game interactions and graphics designed using Unity Engine
Avatars can interacts with different game objects
Players need to interact and avoid hitting the obstacles
“School Runner” game designed with the concept of going back to school
Game over when hitting the obstacles

Learning Beyond Theory

This project allowed the students to gain invaluable hands-on experience, from designing the virtual environment to interacting with a diverse user base within the metaverse. They also conducted research and analysis to evaluate the project’s outcomes and determine their feasibility. The experience has provided them with a solid foundation for future studies and research.

Dr. Tang’s team has been instrumental in guiding the students through this process, ensuring they not only develop practical skills but also foster logical thinking and analytical abilities. The success of this project serves as a testament to the value of mentorship and the potential of young minds when given the right guidance and opportunities.

For more insights into the project and the JRMP 2023, refer to the media coverage from Oriental Daily NewsSing Tao DailyHeadline DailyWen Wei Po, and HK01.

Interview on a RTHK TV Programme About Metaverse – 香港故事:創科夢工場





— 香港電台電視節目 — 香港故事:創科夢工場活在元宇宙: 鄒健宏

Development and Application of Metaverse – RTHK Interview


On March 9, 2023, Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) interviewed Ir. Dr. YM Tang, a renowned expert in virtual reality and immersive technology, to discuss the development and applications of Metaverse.

During the interview, Ir. Dr. Tang shared his insights on the potential of the Metaverse and its impact on various industries, including entertainment, e-commerce, and education. He highlighted the importance of collaboration among different sectors to fully realize the potential of the Metaverse and create engaging and immersive experiences for users.

Ir. Dr. Tang also discussed another important factor in Metaverse development is the growth of online communities and social networks. As more people spend time online and engage with each other through social media and other digital platforms, the demand for richer, more engaging virtual experiences is increasing.

Applications of the Metaverse are already beginning to emerge in a variety of fields. One of the most promising areas of application is in the entertainment industry. Virtual reality concerts, games, and other experiences are already gaining popularity, and as the Metaverse continues to evolve, we can expect to see even more immersive and engaging entertainment experiences.

In the education and training sector, the Metaverse has the potential to transform the way we teach and learn. Virtual reality simulations and interactive environments can provide hands-on learning experiences that are not possible in traditional classroom settings.

The interview with Ir. Dr. Tang provides a valuable perspective on the current state and future prospects of the Metaverse, and highlights the growing interest in this technology among the media and general public. As the Metaverse continues to evolve and mature, it is likely to have a profound impact on the way we interact with the digital world, and on the way we live, work, and play.

VR技術助病人復康 兼訓練醫生



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