Development of CAVE Application for Product Design

Cave Automatic Virtual Environment (CAVE)

The virtual reality immersive product design CAVE is designed to educate. Students can assemble and disassemble goods while changing component shape, size, and color. The CAVE uses four 3D projectors to transfer the 3D scene into virtual reality. An immersive virtual environment (CAVE) allows users to interact with their virtual models. Like a head-mounted VR device, this large-scale solution offers intuitive work inside realistic, life-size, or scale-appropriate data to build a structure or work cell within a molecule.

This project proposes a fully-immersive environment for students to learn about product design. In the Cave Automatic Virtual Environment (CAVE), students may go through the whole assembly and disassembly process. CAVE is a virtual reality environment in which projectors are aimed between the four walls of a room-sized cube and a motion capture system is used. The system’s controller allows students to adjust the component’s form, size, and color. The ability to develop products in CAVE substantially boosted inventiveness. It also removes the size and color restrictions. Without the constraints of space and color, we can imagine the product in high-fidelity. Aside from size and color, the goods may be seen from various angles and parts. The motion capture technology recognizes our location and orientation, allowing us to examine the product from various angles and portions. It allows for intuitive work in a realistic setting.

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