Virtual Reality for Aircraft Maintenance

Training for Air-transport Maintenance

Virtual Reality Simulation: Airtransport Maintenance enables maintenance engineers to become familiar with the Procedure of Aircraft Wheel Change in a realistic setting. In the simulation, the user is set to stand near the workstation and the wheel to be changed. The workstation consists of boxes containing separate components. The user can also occasionally access and study the instruction manual during the wheel change procedures.

The maintenance engineers will have a scenario in which they may realistically practice getting familiar with the Procedure of Aircraft Wheel Change thanks to the simulation in virtual reality of an aircraft in flight maintenance. The training for aircraft wheel repair has traditionally been carried out in a big hangar, where it is both expensive and time-consuming. Within the context of the simulation, the user will be given directions to carry out maintenance in accordance with a handbook. When it comes to releasing a wheel that is malfunctioning and putting a replacement wheel into the aircraft, the two primary jobs are as follows: Trainees will be positioned during the simulation in such a way that they will be standing in close proximity to the workstation as well as the wheel that is being adjusted. The workstation is constructed up of separate boxes, each of which is designed to house a certain component. The user will sometimes check and study the instruction manual while they are in the process of replacing the wheels on their vehicle.

Student Training on Air-transport Maintenance

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