Robotic Arm-based Industrial Digital Twin Applications

Automated production methods

Unity showcase of digital twin control system

Automated production methods, as shown by the robotic arm, represent the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. As digital twins, a variety of applications are being developed that integrate a rigid robotic arm and a software system in a real-time virtual world. These applications include: In order to assist us in automating our daily duties, we have built a robotic arm that is capable of writing, grasping, and 3D printing.

Robotic arms have been a critical industrial tool for mass production and manufacturing in factories and warehouses for decades. The robotic arm’s technology is comprised of mechanics, motors, and actuators, as well as internet connectivity.

The digital twin is one of the most promising enabling technologies for smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0. (DT). A defining aspect of DTs is their seamless integration of cyber and physical domains. Academics and business are becoming more aware of the importance of DTs. It has been around 15 years since the DT concept was developed. Numerous DT applications have been successfully implemented in a range of areas, including product design, manufacturing, prognostics, and health management, among others.

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