Mixed Reality for Product Design

Mixed Reality Application: Aviation Maintenance Jet Engine

Mixed Reality Application: Aviation Maintenance Jet Engine demonstrated a mixed reality application for aviation maintenance. For interactive learning, this project depicts an animated jet engine. A 3D jet engine model appears when students use an MR headset to read the lecture notes. The animated jet engine model enables students to comprehend the structure and operation of a jet engine. Students can learn the maintenance of the jet engine from this application.

This research created a mixed reality application that enables an engineer or an engineering student to perceive a 3D virtual jet engine and navigate around a mixed reality device by making use of voice recognition and hand gestures. The technology is going to be used by educational and professional institutes for the purpose of teaching flight crews and maintenance personnel in the practice of communicating with one another and working together on projects. Using the mixed reality gadget, this solution was conceived and crafted in the game engine known as Unity. The user is able to interact with 3D objects that are present in their surroundings because to the tracking technology that is included in the Mixed Reality Toolkit, which enables this feature.

The advantage of this initiative is that it enables trainee engineers to take part in realistic 3D training that is carried out at scale without the need of going to a hangar or taking an expensive operating engine out of service. When students are given the opportunity to watch and interact with the engine, it may be possible for them to create muscle memory and have a better chance of efficiently retaining the classroom information. Collaborate on the virtual engine either in the classroom or from a remote location using video conferencing, photo sharing, and annotations for mixed reality in order to successfully discover and solve problems.

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