Development of Mixed Reality Application for Human Anatomy

Mixed Reality HoloLens: Education Anatomy

Mixed Reality HoloLens: Education Anatomy demonstrated a mixed reality application for anatomy of human body. This project depicts a 3D human body with spearated systems including the muscle, blood circulation system, lymph system, and internal organs. For interactive learning, students can study different parts and systems of the human body in a 3D view with simple commands using the HoloLens.

Holograms of the human anatomy

The HoloLens are a pair of mixed reality smart-glasses which merge real and virtual environment to create new one for interaction and visualization. With gesture and sound recognition systems built-in, hand gestures and speech are used to control and interact in HoloLens applications. With the advantage of mixed reality technology, virtual 3D objects can be viewed in real word background, making the manipulation of both physical and digital object possible.

The study of 2D pictures in textbooks or on the Internet might be difficult for medical students who are trying to envision the human body. In this project, three-dimensional human model with distinct systems is shown. These include muscles, blood circulatory system, lymph circulatory system, and internal organs. When the HoloLens detects the presence of a page of lecture notes, a virtual human model will appear in front of the student. The student will be able to examine the human model at that point. When the verbal command “explode” is recognized, the virtual 3D model will expand and various systems will be shown in the surroundings, rather than the whole human body as previously displayed. The student may zoom in and out to see the various components by using basic hand gestures that are detected. The HoloLens is a powerful tool for creating an interactive learning environment for medical students. By looking at various parts of the human body from different perspectives, students may get a more thorough understanding of human anatomy. The HoloLens allows medical students to understand anatomy and human body structure in a more immersive manner than they would otherwise be able to.

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