Virtual Hand Therapy Exercise for Stroke Patients

Hand Rehabilitation – Leap Motion Gesture Recognition

Hand rehabilitation therapy application in stroke patient by using dual Leap Motion Controller and An algorithm for dual sensors were developed in order to give a better result than just using one sensor. A virtual Goniometer was developed and embedded in the software to measure hand joint range of motion to assess patient recovery progress by the therapist. A realistic virtual 3D environment was created and rendered in Unity engine with 7 daily life tasks for rehabilitation therapy. A patient record system, training and assessment result generation system with a stylish user interface was developed and connected the training and assessment session.

Two experiments were performed and attempted to validate the accuracy of the sensor. Both experiments were failed to validate the sensor. Therapists are advised to give proper instruction to the patients before the start of the training and assessment session about the viewing angle of the sensor to the actual hand otherwise, the result will not be accurate.

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