Hand Exercise using VR CAVE

The virtual reality immersive CAVE

Hand rehabilitation is normally done under the supervision of a therapist. While it may not be available for people to visit the therapist in clinic in a regular based due to distinct reasons. To develop a hand exercise is beneficial to people who can not visit the clinic and this can reduce personal medical expenses.

The hand exercise is designed based on standard protocol of hand rehabilitation and is verified by therapists. Using Cave Automatic Virtual Environment (CAVE), a virtual environment was projected onto the wall of a 4-sided room-sized cube. Hand gesture was recognized by the Leap Motion sensor. Only with correct gesture can pass the tasks. With this application, patients can safely perform hand exercises in a virtual environment. Reports of progress, accuracy, and performance will be generated after each exercise. Follow up actions can be designed by therapists after reviewing the reports.

The combination of a Leap Motion sensor and CAVE provides hand exercise applications for rehabilitation in a safe and controlled environment. Reports generated provide data for therapists and may be used for data analysis and further prediction to create additional applications in the future.

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